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Promoter family of our company was one of the biggest Coal miners in India before nationalisation of Coal mines. Our experience comes from being in the Coal and Coke business for last three generations. Over the years, we have mastered the art of making Coke of the highest quality.

In the year 1989, we obtained necessary license from Government of India to manufacture Coke at Village Arambhada, Mithapur, District Jamnagar in Gujarat. We were the first company to produce Coke in Gujarat. We were the first Indian Coke oven unit in the private sector to produce premium grade Low Ash Metallurgical Coke (LAMC). We were also the first Indian company to put up a port based merchant non – recovery Coke plant. Since then, the company has increased its production capacity from time to time. It is now a fully mechanised and automated State of the Art plant.

We import our raw material - Coking Coal - from Australia and the finished product i.e. LAMC is supplied to various customers in Gujarat and other States of India. We have the facility of unloading and storage of adequate quantity of raw material. We also have Stockyard to store Coke of various sizes. We have constructed hardstand at screening plant to get clean Coke.

Our company is managed by qualified, professional, competent and experienced individuals and outside consultants. We use modern management techniques to manage operations. We have adequate staff strength for our operations.
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