Community Care

We are completely aware of our Social Responsibilities and are actively engaged in the betterment of the Society. We have carried out many activities to help and improve the life of the people living in Village Arambhada and other nearby villages and towns.

We have not only been able to improve the surroundings of the small children going to the village schools but also have been able to construct small new schools for them.

  Computer Education
We have donated computers to various local schools and welfare associations which use them to spread computer knowledge and give on hand training to the younger generation staying in small villages.

  Earning Opportunity
We have helped the village women community by donating sewing machines to various local associations working for the betterment of women. This has helped them not only to learn new things and develop their creative skill but has also aided them to earn money and be self sufficient.

  Medical Facilities
We financially assist various small hospitals and dispensaries in Dwarka Taluka so that the needy patients get proper treatment for their ailments.

  Village welfare activities
We have also improved the living standard of the villagers by construction of wells, electricity polls, roads, tanks for drinking water and such other actions.

  Earthquake Relief
We had deployed our EX100 and other machineries together with our staff in the earthquake relief work at Bhuj in Gujarat. We had constructed a huge tent and that was used as a hospital to treat the injured people.

  Animal Care
We even care for the livestock and have provided aids to many such bodies providing shelter, food and medical facilities to cattle.

Divine town of Dwarka in Gujarat is located at one of the westernmost area of India. This place witnesses one of the last Sunsets in India. To watch the last rays of Sun going from India is a beautiful site. To facilitate tourist and local people to view this superb natural scenery we have constructed a beautiful Sun Set Point at Dwarka.

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