We have established a very good brand name for our Coke. The best quality of our Coke has given us one of the top places in the market. Our Coke is preferred by the consumers compared to that of other manufacturers.

We supply Coke to M/s Tata Chemicals Limited at their Mithapur plant since 1990. This proves that we have more than satisfied them as one of our major customers.

We were also successful in exporting Coke.

Coke Science Inc., USA carried out a Coke Quality Study in January 2004 and gave the following conclusion for Coke manufactured by us.

  Excellent stability (Impact Resistance Index)
  Excellent hardness (Abrasion Resistance Index)
  Excellent micum slope (Reflecting continuity of abrasion resistance during coke descent in blast furnace)
  Micum slope subjected to various degrees of tumbling from 100 to 900 revolutions, thereby coke breakage behavior
   assumes closeness to hardness
  Low porosity
  High ASG
  Coke has good CSR for small blast furnace and adequate hot strength properties for large blast furnaces
  Should exhibit low degradation in the blast furnace especially under low coke rate practices for world’s large
   blast furnaces
  BLA is ready to customize output to meet qualities and quantities demanded by global suppliers

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